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George Lang, a West Chester trustee, and defense attorney Sean Maloney of Liberty Township came up with the idea of offering self-defense membership plans 21/2 years ago, before launching Second Call Defense in late February.
Lang and other investors have spent $200,000 in legal fees to make their dream a reality. They have 500 members from Washington state to Florida, and hope hope to have to 100,000 members in two years.
Maloney says their program, which is backed by the NRA Endorsed Insurance Program, is the only one in the United States that provides comprehensive legal and financial resources for armed self defense.
Unlike self-defense coverage offered by the NRA, which doesn’t provide financial assistance until after the court process is over, Second Call Defense provides immediate help by providing money for bail and an attorney retainer. With that help, Maloney claims court appearances can be avoided.
– We knew that if a law-abiding citizen properly uses a firearm in self-defense and they have immediate representation, then the case is going to end right there, – Maloney said. – If you don’t have that representation, anything can happen.
Second Call Defense provides five levels of coverage that range from $8.95 up to $35.95 a month. Besides offering bail and money for an attorney’s retainer, all levels offer a 24/7 emergency legal hotline, a local attorney referral, accidental shooting protection and criminal defense reimbursement.
Certain levels of coverage also provide compensation while in court, psychological support, on-site gun/legal training and civil suit defense protection.
To help avoid providing a criminal with legal support, Lang and his partners set up a foundation made up of investigators to determine if their clients’ shootings are criminal, accidental or in self-defense.
Regardless, the membership plan will automatically provide money for bail and for the retainer.
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